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Diamondback Minibar

News and Updates

AEGIS FIT Plus Lightbar.
LED Lightbar
Aegis FIT Lightbar 105cm (42") - 183cm (72") ECE R65 Approved Class 2, 24 to 78 LEDs, Corner D-Fuser and Middle Fresnel Optics, Select from LED and Top Cover Colours with Clear LENs, with Standard Mounting Feet. 5 Year Warranty, 12VDC or 24VDC.


Aegis FIT Lightbar with Integrated 100W Speaker 105cm (42") - 183cm (72") ECE R65 Approved Class 2, 24 to 72 LEDs, Corner D-Fuser, Middle Fresnel Optics, Choose from a variety of LED and LENs Top Cover Colours. 5 Year Warranty, 12VDC or 24VDC.

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B18 - Dual Colour
B18 Dual Colour
ATOM B18 Dual Colour LED Beacons Multi Voltage LED Beacon, 30x 1Watt LEDs, 11x Flash Patterns, Available in Amber / Blue, Mounting Options include 3 Point and Tall Base 3 Point, 11~110VDC.

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B16 - REVO.
ECE-R65 Approved LED Compact Rotating Beacon, 10x LEDs, 1x Rotating Flash Pattern, Amber, Blue LED with Amber, Blue or Clear LENS, Mounting Options 3 Point, DIN Pole, Magnetic, Super Magnet (250KmH TUV Approved), only 80mm (3.15") High, 12~24VDC.

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TORRENT Lightbar.
LED Lightbar
Torrent Lightbar 76cm (30") to 150cm (59") ECE R65 Approved Class 2, 48 to 168 Xtreme LEDs, D-Fuser Optics, Choose from Amber, Blue and Red LED and Amber, Blue, Clear and Red LENs colours as well as a variety of mounting options. 5 Year Warranty, Select 12VDC or 24VDC.

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Warning Module
The New addition to the Xtreme Thin Range of LED Warning Lights. Select from Blue or Red LENS with Corresponding LEDS for Increased Intensity and a new longer Cable Length
of 120cm. Or select the Original XT12 Clear LENS with Amber, Blue, Red, White or Dual Colour options with the Pedestal Mount.

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OE9 LED Module
Grille Light

February has seen the arrival of the new OE9 180 R65 9-LED Warning Surface Mount Lamp by Cell2™.  With its innovative design the OE9 offers True 180º wide-angle LED lighting.

Superior light spread that is ideal for intersection warning. Can mount anywhere on the vehicle. The Uniquely redesigned optic that is certified to ECE-R65 Wide angle effect Class 1.

The main features are:

■ True 180º wide-angle LED warning module.
■ Multi-Voltage Input 12~24VDC.
■ Built-in 16 selectable flash patterns.
■ LEDs rated to 100,000 hours of operation.
■ Aluminum base for heat dissipation.
■ Weatherproof and vibration resistant design for internal or external use.
■ Reverse polarity protection.
■ Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern used at power up.
■ Multiple units synchronization, can flash simultaneously or alternately.

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The new Legion FIT series
Economic LED Lightbar

Legion FIT Series

The Legion FIT series is an Economic Lightbar that doesn't compromise on quality. Using the same chassis as our very powerful and popular Legion R65 Class 2 model, the Legion FIT is populated with R65 Class 1 approved High Power LEDs, therefore maintaining the high quality and robustness at the price of a budget Lightbar.

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FAL03 M53 All in One 3 LED System Hideaway Light
FAL03 M53 All in One 3 LED System
Hideaway Light

The FAL03 M53 is our new addition to the Hideaway Covert Light range. The FAL03 is ideally suited to be surfaced mount as well of course as a covert hideaway light.

The FAL03 M53 is designed to be Self-Contained for easy and versatile installation and therefore does not require external flasher units.

The FAL03 is meets SAE Class 1 approval. The Snap-on mounting flange with slick aesthetics and Super low-profile thickness (only 17mm) makes for a very neat and attractive installation. The FAL03 M53 has 12 Flash patterns and is available in a variety of popular colours. Please follow the link below to see the complete range of hideaway lights.

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