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Diamondback Minibar


LED Warning Modules

Responder Series Warning
R4, R6, R7 and R9 Surface Mount Warning Lights Responder Series, ECE-R65 Class 2, ECE-R10, IPX7, Black Housing, Choose from Amber/Blue/Red LEDs and Amber/Blue/Red/Clear Lens, 12VDC.
Stealth Max
The SM6 is a new ultra-bright dual colour lighthead with ECE R65 Class 2 approval. This lighthead is highly versatile for application to any vehicle. Featuring an independent Cruise Mode that allows two colour selection.
Responder Mini Series Modules
R0 Surface Mount (M072), Warning or Marker variations, Responder Series, SAE 595 Class 3, IPX7, Chrome Housing, Choose from Amber, Blue, Red or White LEDs, CLEAR LENS, 12VDC.
Halo Blitz
Halo Blitz - LED Modules with a outer Halo-Ring. ECE R65 Approved. Indipendentally controlled Multi-purpose outer Halo-Ring. Mounting Options and Available in a multiple of varients of Amber, Blue, Red and White Warning and Halo-Ring Colours.
Edge Saber
Edge Saber - ES3 (M59-2) and ES6 (M59) Ultra Fine LED Module only 15.8mm. ECE R10 EMC Compliance. Unique optical design for efficient and powerful output. Select from Vertical or Horizontal Mounting Options and Available in Amber, Blue, Red and White
ST3 (M54), ST6 (M42) and ST26 (M62) Super ThinLED Modules, choose from 3, 6 or 12 High-power LEDs with an Ultra Low Profile 9mm. ECE R65 Class 1 and 2 Certifed Output. Available in Amber, Blue, Red and White.
AL6 (M58)
AL6 (M58)- ECE-R65 Class 1 Approved. With 6 x High-power LEDs and a Versatile Surface Mount with or without bezel, suitable for all vehicle bodies and motorcycle storage boxes, 12~24VDC.
Mini Stealth LEDs
The Mini Stealth LEDs are compact, rugged and extremely powerful directional LED lights. Available in several formats and colours, from 3 to 12 LED modules and approved to ECE-R65. The strong aluminium body makes them ideal for extreme conditions.
Identification LEDs
The Identification LEDs have all the advantages of the Stealth LEDs, with the addition of 180° wide angle light output, achieved by the wrap around optic design and outward facing LEDs. Available in several formats and colours and approved to ECE-R65.
The Power LEDs are the classic design style. Proven and trusted by our customers for many years, these High Intensity directional LED modules remain a favourite. Available in various formats and colours and approved to ECE-R65.
Light Pad LEDs (LP) Low Profile
The Super LOW PROFILE Light Pads are designed for easy installation and areas where space is limited. They do not require to be fixed with screws (although it is optional) simply stick on the surface. Available with 3 or 6 LEDs and all the main colours.
Xtreme Thin LEDs
The Xtreme Thin LEDs use the new generation of Xtreme Optics. Super low profile at only 10mm think. Aluminium base and tough curved lenses. Surface or Pedestal Mount. Available with 6 or 12 LEDS, in standard and dual colours. ECE-R65 Class 2 Approved.
One Eighty OE9 LEDs
The One Eighty (OE9) LEDs have been specially designed to provide true, certified 180º Wide Angle Lighting output. These 9 LED Surface Mount ECE-R65 modules offer the largest amount of area coverage in relation to its size. A variety of colours available.
The SQ4 Square Format LEDs are favoured by many emergency lighting installers for their versatility and looks. They provide a functional adjustable solution that is mounted onto the vehicle like a Worklight. Available in all main emergency colours.
Dual Colour Modules
LED Modules with Dual Colour Capapabilities
Split Colour Modules
Split Colour LED Modules
Vertical Mount Modules
Vertically-Mounted Warning Modules
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Edge Saber Shroud Kit 55°
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