There's Safety in Numbers

Outfit your Fleet with easy to install lighting systems to suit your requirements. Our large selection of warning modules, beacons and lightbars enable you to easily make your vehicle 'be seen and be safe' using the most suitable products and fixing methods. We also offer a range of interior lamps, work lamps and scene lamps to help your operators work comfortably and efficiently.

Microbar EX. Small Powerful. Easy installation.

The Microbar EX is a super low profile EXTENDED minibar.

DiamondBack. Colour combinations for LED's, lenses...

All of our Minibars offer a range of LED and lens colour combinations. The Diamondback Minibar is praised for it's aerodynamic design and performance.

The Diamondback Minibar with a 1 bolt mount bracket.

Our Lightbar Recommendations

The expert's choice. Beacons.

Our beacons have a DIN POL mount option specially adapted to the the agricultural environment. The Mount is flexible, thus allowing the beacon to flex sufficiently to absorb impact with tree branches and other obstacles.

Our Beacons come with a 5 Year Warranty and Support. Homologated to EC-R10 and ECE-R65.

The B16 Beacon is ideal for this task. Small. Compact. Powerful.

Variety of Mounting Options.

Beacons are a great choice for agriculture, mountable on the roof of the vehicles they allow for maximum 360 degree visibility. Placing them on a pole mount increases visibility.

The B18 Beacon is the perfect all-round option for agricultural vehicles.

Our Beacon Recommendations

LED Module Options

We have a wide range of LED Warning modules that are suitable for the Agricultural Sector. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing installations in small gaps and places where space is limited.

Our ST range of extremely thin LED Modules are specifically engineered for installation in areas where people may come into contact with the surface of the vehicle and injuries, due to bulk, can be avoided.

Variety of mounting options, shapes, sizes...

Whilst all LED Modules are extremely powerful, most of Modules range from 3 yo 12 Diodes Modules. From focused, directional light to wider angle beams, that are better suited for lateral installations.

The MS Series offers infinite mounting possibilities.

Our Module Recommendations