Cell2 Ltd is a provider of emergency vehicle lighting, acoustic equipment and other products related to the emergency and safety service sectors.

Cell2 Ltd was founded in Oviedo, Spain in 2005. With our focus being on quality, outstanding services and fast delivery to customers, we relocated to Aylesbury, England in 2009. We set up our own headquarters and since then Cell2 Ltd has expanded internationally, opening offices in several other countries across Europe such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Austria.

The aim is to create a seamless working environment together with JULUEN to develop market strategies, technologies, products, services and total solutions in all areas of visual and audio warning systems for emergency vehicles and other projects. To expand our European Centre to facilitate full availability of the product catalogue and to improve communication, research & development, services and market strategies to ensure a fast and efficient service to the customer.

We also aim to maximise efficiency in bringing the product to the market, from initial production to installation, through import and export, inventory management, marketing, distribution, customer support and after sales support. To have up to date research and development data for new products and sales strategies by the accumulation of sound market knowledge and a clear understanding of user requirements at a local level.

Our success within the automotive solution industry is due to the strong and extremely collaborative relationship that has
been built over the years between Cell2 Ltd and Juluen Enterprise. From working together we have been able to
increase the level of product testing, product design and the overall quality of our products.