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New & Updated Product Releases

Here’s a full list of new and updated products

Introducing the Scenemax

The SceneMax is a high power two in one LED module that provides both warning light and wide angle scene light. With a small profile and footprint and with up to 1700 lumens, this lighthead offers a versatile application. With multi-unit synchronization and “Scene to cruise” funcition, the Scenemax The SceneMax is available with red, amber, blue and white warning lights. It can also be purchased with black, white, red, yellow and chrome bezels.

MS6 Tinted Lens

Mini Stealth (MS6) tinted lens LED Warning Modules are ideal for covert vehicles. The tinted lenses make the units almost invisible when installed discreetly. The same reliable and robust product as always, the MS6 has a proven track-record in the market. They are still approved to ECE Regulations 10 and 65, giving you the confidence that the signal output is attention-grabbing and effective!

SW833 Control Panel Series

The SW833 is a powerful, programmable switch panel and remote power module for controlling lightbars, traffic directors and other light and sound equipment on the vehicle. All back-lit, soft touch buttons with 51 switch icons to choose from. The switch panel features a row of 10 LEDs to indicate the activity of the Traffic Director or Lightbar.

B22 Series

Certified powerful ECE R65 performance provides optimum 360 degree coverage. Unobtrusive design with ultra low-profile dome for lower wind resistance. Durable polycarbonate lens is available in amber and clear.dependently switchable flash patterns can be programmed for specific situations or events, one can be ‘cruise’ mode. Multiple mounting options for all vehicle applications.

Auto Dim Sensor

When Legion R65 Class 2 Lightbars are fitted with this automatic dimming sensor, the Lightbar automatically switches to the dimmer light in situations of poor ambient light, or as night time falls. This eliminates the need for the driver to make a judgement as to when dimming mode should be activated. The Auto Dim Sensor can be specified as an option on all new Legion R65 Class 2 products, it’s also available as a kit to retrofit to existing products in the field.

Legion Magnetic Bracket

Our Legion Lightbars can now be fitted to your vehicle with one of our newly available Magnetic Fitting Kits. They make mounting onto your vehicle very quick, easy & convenient, and also facilitate speedy removal if required. Ideal for occasional use when a Beacon or Mini-bar just doesn’t do enough, and great for use on hire or lease vehicles because it removes the need for drilling holes in the roof.

Roof Connector

Our new roof connector enables quick and easy removal of lightbars for service or replacement without having to disturb the wiring. This latest add-on is very quick disconnect and is environmentally sealed making it 100% weatherproof. Cell2 connectors and fixing kits utilise well respected and proven components along with unique developed supplementary components to supply a kit making them easy to fit your vehicle roof and offer many years of trouble-free service.

Omni View

Expanded visibility: 180 degree spread of light with single unit; installing a pair or two (in correct setup) for 270 or 360 degree warning coverage. Versatile installation with mini L-bracket. Available in clear or coloured lens (blue and amber). Dual memories for cruise mode or different flash patterns. Multi-units synchronization in simultaneous or alternating flash. ECE R65 TR2 & HTR2 certification will be applied upon request.

Introducing the Edge Dagger Series

The Edge Dagger (ED6) is a 6-LED Narrow Profile lighthead, available in single or dual colour with Independent Cruise Mode in calmly steady-burn. ECE R65 Class 2 (single colour) and ECE R65 Class 1 (dual colour) homologated light performance. ECE R10 EMC Compliance. Easy wiring and installation. Reverse polarity protection. Weatherproof and vibration resistant design for external use.

Introducing the Silverblade LED Lightbar

The Silverblade lightbar is one of the thinnest premium lightbars in the market. Modern streamline design, with one single solid piece aluminium top plate for a metallic uniform aesthetic. New linear continuous optics and nearly un-cut lens produce a 360-degree seamless output that meets and exceeds ECE R65, SAE, and NFPA approval.

Super Thin Series with Cruise Mode

The ST3 & ST6 are now available with cruise mode. Cruise Mode is a low-power, steady-burn, in the authority colour, for territories demanding the use of low intensity. When active, cruise lights “glow” at around 30% relative intensity for clear identification of the emergency vehicle at intermediate and near distances. Flashing Emergency Warning Signals request or demand action from surrounding people and/or vehicles.

Stealth Registration Plate

A new addition to our Application Specific Module range, designed to produce a strong, side-facing warning signal (fend-off) for Emergency Services, Commercial and Fleet vehicles. These pre-assembled 2-in-1 registration plate solutions are particularly valuable when emerging from side junctions, the signal can be seen by approaching vehicles as soon as the very front of your vehicle becomes visible.