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Legion Fit Split

Introducing our new lightbar, developed for applications where it’s necessary to ‘split’ the lightbar on a roof to allow the installation of supplementary equipment such as Roof Mounted Air Horns or ladders centrally mounted.

Introducing the CR06-W

The CR06-W provides wide-angle warning and expanded visibility; 4 units offer a 270 degree warning coverage approved to ECE R65 HTA1 or HTB2. With 6LEDs and a clear lens, 17 flash patterns, 12~24VDC. Available in amber or blue.

Cruise Mode

Cruise mode function allows vehicles to remain visible, with a steady-burn lower output than warning flash patterns, they are ideal for emergency vehicle applications. The vehicles will still be visible, giving the impression of presence and safety, but without disturbing the vision of drivers or pedestrians with high flashing strobe lights.

Introducing the B23 LED Beacon

Ultra-compact and low profile design for discreet placement or limited installation space. Certified powerful ECE R65 (TA1) performance provides optimum 360 degree coverage. Multiple units can be grouped to flash simultaneously or alternately. Durable polycarbonate lens is available in amber and clear.

Introducing the Reactor

Small footprint and compact design suitable for installation in tight or limited space, ECE R10, ECE R65 Class 1, 4LEDs, clear lens, 18 flash patterns, 12~24VDC Available in amber, blue, red and white.

Aegis Dual Layer

The Aegis Dual Layer High Performance Led Lightbar has a solid design that fits in any vehicle. Its two-level system enables to control the upper layer and layer side individually. Customise it your way and choose an integrated low profile speaker or an extra powerful speaker. It is also possible to add a three led worklamp on the back.

LED Tinted Modules

Offering a quick installation and a powerful signal, our LED family products are ideal for covert vehicles. The tinted lenses make the units almost invisible when installed discreetly. With a less conspicuous appearance, yet still approved to ECE R65 Class 1, giving you the confidence that the signal output is attention-grabbing and effective!

ED6 Tinted Lenses

Edge dgger 6 (ED6) is very compact and intense range of Directional Warning Lamps with tinted lens, measuring at only 13mm (0.51″) in height and 85mm (3.35″) in length. Universal Multi-angle Brackets, mounting virtually anywhere. Optional Adjustable Bracket for hood mount application. Independent Cruise Mode emitting a low intensity steady burn. A stunning option fort covert use (when discreetly mounted).

ST6 Tinted Lenses

Super Thin (ST6) tinted lens LED Warning Modules are ideal for covert vehicles. The tinted lenses make the units almost invisible when installed discreetly and are approved to ECE R10 and ECE R65 Class 1.

CR06 Tinted Lenses

The CR06 with tinted lens offers a less conspicuous appearance, yet still projects a powerful ECE R65 Class 1 warning signal. This self-contained lighthead allows for easy and versatile installation without an external flasher. Perfect for installation where space is limited, such as on vehicle side panels, small front and rear areas, or hidden away for covert use.

Introducing the Scenemax

The SceneMax is a high power two in one LED module that provides both warning light and wide angle scene light. With a small profile and footprint and with up to 1700 lumens, this lighthead offers a versatile application. With multi-unit synchronization and “Scene to cruise” funcition, the Scenemax The SceneMax is available with red, amber, blue and white warning lights. It can also be purchased with black, white, red, yellow and chrome bezels.

Photon-8H Traffic Warning Light

EN12352 L8H certified high power warning output. 210mm precision optics design. Ambient Light Sensor: Automatic day / night adaptation. Available to be equipped as warning light arrows or traffic safety trailers.