Motor-powered 360º LED Search Light

Introducing our range of Rotating Search Lights with a choice of 4-bolt or magnetic mounting. Approved to ECE R10, this Lighting System is ideal for emergency response operators who need a convenient 360-degree search facility from the safety and comfort of their vehicle.

Powerful 60 Watts of Superior Search Beam with additional SOS Flash Feature.

Searching Made Easier

Controlling your Search Light couldn’t be easier with 2 variants of controller to choose from, both hand controllers include an optional dash mounted clip. The wired hand controller is suitable for internal use, whereas the wireless remote is portable and also enables control of the roof-mounted Search Light from outside of the vehicle.

Dimensions and Mounting

The Locator Search Light offers a width of 192mm and a height of 183mm. This device can be installed by magnetic or screwing.

Locator Search Light Options

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