Tough, Dependable, Bright

The Mini Stealth LEDs are compact, rugged and extremely powerful directional LED lights. Available in several formats and colours, from 3 to 12 LED modules and approved to ECE-R65. The strong aluminium body makes them ideal for extreme conditions.

Which Mini Stealth is best for you?

MS3, MS6 and MS26 Mini Stealth LED Modules. High-power LEDs with a Low Profile of 15mm. Fully weatherproof and vibration resistant design for external or internal use. ECE R65 Class 1 Certified Output. Available in Amber, Blue and Red.


Low-profile surface mount base or C-clamp base for versatile discreet mounting.
Powerful output certified with ECE R65 and SAE approvals.
3x High-Power LEDs, available with 5 built-in flash patterns.


ECE R65 Class 2 Approved 6-LED Directional Warning Lamp.
Weatherproof and vibration resistant design for external or internal use.
Aluminium base for efficient heat dissipation.


Built-In Low Power function.
Super low profile for discreet mounting
12x High-Power LEDs, with 25 Flash Patterns.

What size mini stealth is best for you?

The MS3 and MS6 share many of the same features and rugged performance and they share the same height and depth profile. The MS26 employs twice as many LED devices as the MS6 and has a physically higher footprint at 49mm rather than the MS3 & MS6 height of 28mm (surface mount versions). This gives the MS26 a bigger and more visible profile on the vehicle and also a more intense light signal than the already powerful MS6.