Maximum Visibility

Wide Angle LED’s are specifically aimed towards giving up to 180 degree light output. Our range includes; Arc, One Eighty & Identification.

The Identification LEDs have all the advantages of the Stealth LEDs, with the addition of 180° wide angle light output, achieved by the wrap around optic design and outward facing LEDs. Available in several formats and colours and approved to ECE-R65.

The One Eighty (OE9) LEDs have been specially designed to provide true, certified 180º Wide Angle Lighting output. These 9 LED Surface Mount ECE-R65 modules offer the largest amount of area coverage in relation to its size. A variety of colours available.
Arc LEDs - Available with versatile surface or universal side-mirror mount, suitable for vehicle bodies, mirrors and motorcycle storage boxes, 6x high-power LEDs, ECE-R65 class 1, SAE class 1, ECE R10, IPX7, 16 flash patterns, 5 year warranty, 12~24VDC.

Which wide-angle module is best for you?

When it comes to choosing the ideal wide-angle module there are three options: The Arc, The Identification and The One Eighty. All designed and manufactured to fulfil different purposes, however all equipped with the optics to provide over 120° of light output.


Super wide-angle 120° light output, certified with SAE & ECE R65 Class 1 approvals.
Available with universal side-mirror mount adaptor.
6x LED module, available with 16 flash patterns.

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180° wrap around side optic for wider visibility.
6x LED Modules, available with 15 flash patterns.
Low profile for discreet mounting.

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One Eighty

True 180° wide-angle light output, certified by ECE R65 Class 1.
9x LED Modules, available with 16 flash patterns.

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Just how wide is wide?

Ranging from 120° to 180° of visible light output, our collection of wide-angle modules are specifically designed and manufactured to demonstrate a clear warning signal that is easily visible all around you. These products are designed to emit a wider spread of light that that typically emitted by Directional Warning Lamps, these can be used where it’s beneficial to give a stronger signal towards the sides of vehicles when fitted on the front or rear, or to give an all-round signal if used in an array.