Safety, it’s in your Hands

LED Beacons are the product of choice for the Emergency & Safety Services, providing 360° visibility. Utilising the latest technology, our beacons combine long life performance and ultra low power consumption. Our Beacons are designed and engineered to meet the most stringent industry requirements. Rotating or flashing LEDs and affixed to the roof of a vehicle, our beacons are guaranteed to adapt to your specific needs. When it comes to installation, we have all of the popular mounting options available.

Ultra-low profile LED Beacon with 2 independent warning modes, ECE R10 & ECE R65 Class 1, 16 LEDs, clear or coloured lenses, 12 warning patterns, 12~24VDC. Available in amber.

Robust LED Industrial Beacon, ECE R10ECE-R65 Class 1 or 2, 24LEDs, 12 upward-facing LEDs 14x warning patterns, optional 3 point, magnetic, mirror, pipe or shelf mount, 12~24VDC. Available in amber blue or red.

Powerful performance LED Beacon with newly designed optics, ECE R10 & ECE R65 Class 1 or 2, 15 or 30LEDs, clear or coloured lenses, 11 or 16 warning patterns, 12~24VDC. Available in single or dual colour.

Compact LED Beacon, Standard, Revo, Lite & Cruise mode options, ECE R10 & ECE-R65 Class 1 or 2, 8x 3Watt LEDs, 11x warning patterns, only 80mm (3.15″) High, 12~24VDC. Available in amber, blue or red,

LED Compact beacon, ECE R10 & ECE R65 Class 1, 10x 3watt LEDs, 14 warning patterns, optional 3 point, DIN pole, magnetic or super magnet mount (250KmH TUV approved), 12~24VDC. Available in amber, blue or red.

Our lowest profile LED Beacon with ECE R10 &  SAE J845 Class 2 approval, 3LEDs, 1 warning pattern, multi-voltage, permanent 2 bolt base, 11~110VDC. Available in amber.

Multi Voltage, compact LED Beacon wit tri-reflector optics, ECE R10 certified,  6x 1Watt LEDs, 8 warning patterns, mounting options include 3 point or magnetic mount, 11~110VDC. Available in amber or red.

Which Beacon is best for you?

When it comes to choosing which Beacon is going to best-fit your requirements, there are a few key factors you can use to compare the products within our range.
Every Beacon Series differs slightly whether that may be it`s approvals, LED colours, amount of LEDs, flash patterns or mounting options available. We want to help you find the Beacon that is the most appropriate for your specific requirements.

B19 Series

ECE-R65 Approved LED Industrial Beacon with 24 High Power LEDs;
12 Upward-facing LEDs; 14x Flash Patterns, 12~24VDC.
Mounting options include: 3-Point, Magnetic, Mirror, Pipe and Shelf mount.


B18 Series

Powerful LED Beacon, available in Single and Dual Colour
with 15x High-Power LEDs; 11x Flash Patterns at 12~24VDC.
Mounting options include: 3-Point, Tall Base, DIN Pole,
Magnetic and Super Magnetic Mount.

B16 Series

ECE-R65 Approved LED Compact Beacon with 8x High-Power LEDs;
11x Flash Patterns; 12~24VDC or 11~110VDC.
Mounting options include: 3-Point, DIN Pole, Magnetic,
Internal and External Power Magnetic.

B14 Series

ECE-R65 Approved LED Beacon with 10x High-Power LEDs;
14x Flash Patterns at 12~24VDC.
Mounting options include: 3-Point,
DIN Pole, Magnetic and Power Magnetic.

B12 Series

Multi-Voltage LED Compact Beacon with Tri-Reflector Optics,
6x 1W LEDs, 5x Flash Patterns at 11~110VDC.
Mounting Options include: 3-Point or Magnetic.

B11 Series

Our most compact Beacon with ECE R10 and SAE J845 Class 2 Approvals,
1 Built-In Flash Pattern, 11~110VDC.
Mounting options include:
2-Point Tall Base mount.

What size is best for you?

Our LED beacon range offers something for all needs, ranging from the compact, multi-voltage (11-110VDC) B11 & B12 ranges designed primarily for the materials handling industry right up to the 18cm diameter B19 range with a mighty light output. Most of our amber, blue and red beacons are approved to ECE Regulation 65 which specifies minimum performance requirements, the B19 is much brighter and actually a viable alternative to lightbars in terms of light output, useful if space is limited. The range are available in many industry standard fixing types to make them easy to fit, also easy to retro-fit or upgrade from currently fitted products such as old technology rotating halogen beacons.

Let there be light

We offer a wide variety of sizes to ensure we can provide the
ideal Beacon to best fit any specific requirements.