A smart lighting solution

Directional LED’s are specifically aimed towards giving the customer options. We offer the choice between TIR and Linear optics, quantity of LEDs per module, size of the module and the strength of the LED. A variety of mounting brackets and options help you maintain proper and efficient lighting on your vehicle no matter the complications of mounting.

ST3, ST6 and ST26 Super Thin LED Modules, choose from 3, 6 or 12 High-power LEDs with a 9mm ultra-low profile. ECE R65 Class 1 and 2 Certified Output. Available in Amber, Blue, Red and White.

The Mini Stealth LEDs are compact, rugged and extremely powerful directional LED lights. Available in several formats and colours, from 3 to 12 LED modules and approved to ECE-R65. The strong aluminium body makes them ideal for extreme conditions.

The Xtreme Thin LEDs use the new generation of Xtreme Optics. Super low profile at only 10mm thick. Aluminium base and tough curved lenses. Surface or Pedestal Mount. Xtreme Thin LED Modules are available with 6 or 12 LEDS, in single and dual colours. ECE-R65 Class 2 Approved.

Ultra-bright & highly versatile, featuring an independent cruise mode, ECE R10 & ECE R65 Class 2, 12LEDs, clear lens, 28 flash patterns, 12~24VDC. Available in dual colour combinations of amber, blue, red and white.

The Super Low Profile Light Pads are designed for easy installation and areas where space is limited. They do not require to be fixed with screws (although it is optional) simply stick on the surface. Available with 3, 4, 6 or 12 LEDs and in all the main colours.

The Power LEDs are the classic design style. Proven and trusted by our customers for many years, these High Intensity directional LED modules remain a favourite. Available in various formats and colours and approved to ECE-R65.

Which module is best for you?

Covert Hideaways and Dash Lights. All designed and built for different applications and scenarios. Within our vast range of modules we guarantee to provide the module that best meets your bespoke requirements.

Super Thin

Our range includes: ST3, ST6 & ST26
Super-low profile optics with powerful output and performance.
High-power LEDs rated to 100,000 hours of operation.

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Xtreme Thin

Our range includes the XT6 and the XT12 module.
New generation Xtreme optic for wide angle visual and classic aesthetics.
SAE and ECE R65 certified high power output.

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Light Pad

Our range includes the LP3, LP4, LP6 & LP26.
Super-low profile optic with SAE Class 1 certified output.
Self-adhesive backing for quick and simple mounting.

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Mini Stealth

Our range includes: MS3, MS6 & MS26.
Super low profile for discreet mounting.
Aluminium base for efficient heat dissipation.

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Power LED

Our range includes the Power LED 3, 4, 6 & 8.
High-Intensity 1W LED modules.
Weatherproof and vibration resistant design for external or internal use.

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What size is best for you?

Cell2 modules are manufactured with the highest quality components, that’s why the most popular modules can range in size from 6cm to 20cm. Full size light bars are beneficial in a variety of settings. Choosing the full-length size ensures that you will have great visibility when you need it the most. If you need a compact solution; our minibars are a great option, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality or effectiveness of the lights. When you pick a quality LED lightbar from Cell2, you don’t need the biggest product to get more light. High-quality LEDs ensure the brightness and visibility when the lightbars are turned on, no matter the size.