Transport vehicle lighting

The Transport sector use amber lighting equipment and there is a large amount of options to choose from, depending on the specific requirements: Lightbars, Modules, Beacons, Traffic Directors, and Work Lights. Some of the options available for the Transport industry are displayed below. Browse through to learn more about the products and for assistance on selection the lighting options which are best suited to your needs.

Multiple Lightbar options for Transport vehicles

We have a wide range of lightbars for you to choose. Varying from 50cm all the way up to 215cm. Multiple heights, from low profile at 3.7cm to a much taller more visible, two tier lightbars. There is a range of mounting options for diverse mounting situations.

The size chart shows all the possibilities that are available.


Our beacons have a DIN pole mount option specially adapted to the the transport sector. The Mount is flexible, thus allowing the beacon to flex sufficiently to absorb impact with tree branches and other obstacles. Beacons are a great choice for transport vehicles, mountable on the roof, they allow for maximum 360 degree visibility.

Our Beacons come with a 5 Year Warranty. Homologated to ECE-R10 and ECE-R65.

Beacon Recommendations for Transport Vehicles

  • B16 Beacon – AA (3-Bolt Mount)

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    EAN: 05200016

    B16 Beacon, 8x AMBER LEDs, AMBER LENS, ECE R10, ECE R65 (TA1), IP6K6, IP6K6K, 3-Bolt Mount, Pigtail Cable, 11 Flash Patterns, 12~24VDC.