Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Alert

Emergency Vehicle lights, Sirens and Speakers for Ambulances are critical to ensure that other road users are aware of the presence of the Ambulance, thus ensuring that they can arrive at the scene of an accident as quickly as possible. The use of approved Modules is a must to ensure that the motorists are able to see and react to the approach of the Ambulance within plenty of time. Other lighting solutions like our Scene Lights and Interior Lights are also available to ensure that the paramedics have enough light to carry out their jobs efficiently.


We have a wide range of Lightbar sizes available, varying from 60cm all the way up to 214cm. We also have multiple Lightbar heights from as low as 3.7cm to a much taller more visible, two-tier Lightbar. There is a range of mounting options for diverse mounting situations. The size chart shows all the possibilities that are available.

Our Lightbar Recommendations for Ambulances


Our beacons have a unique ‘DIN-POL’ mounting option specially adapted to the the Emergency Services industry. The mount is flexible, thus allowing the beacon to flex sufficiently enough to absorb impact with objects such as tree branches and other obstacles. Beacons are a great choice for the Emergency Services, mountable on the roof of an Ambulance they allow for optimal 360 degree light output.

Our Beacons come with 5 years warranty and support. They exceed both ECE-R10 and ECE-R65 approvals.

Our Beacon Recommendations for Ambulances

LED Module Options

We have a wide range of LED Warning modules that are suitable for the Emergency Services sector. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing installations in small gaps and places where space is limited. Whilst all LED Modules are extremely powerful, our products range from 3 diode Modules to 12 diode modules.

Focused, directional output for lighting specific areas, or wide-angle output, for illuminating the entire environment.

Our Module Recommendations for Ambulances