Innovative Design and Customizable Features

Introducing the Raiden Lightbar: a cutting-edge solution for emergency vehicles that combines sleek design, powerful optics and customisable features that allow you to programme the light output to suit specific needs. The Raiden Lightbar is an essential addition to any emergency vehicle fleetet. Experience the future of illumination on the road!

Key Features

  • ECE R10, ICAO, SAE J845 Class 1 & SAE J595 Class 1 homologated.
  • 360 degree seamless output that meet and exceed ECE R65 Class 2.
  • Single or dual colour combination.
  • Input 12~24VDC with EMC Compliance.
  • Plug-n-play serial bus control module that converges wires for a easier installation and simpler wiring.
  • Built-in sensor that detects ambient light and automatically activete or deactivate the low power operation.

Ambient Light Sensor

With its built-in ambient light sensor, the Raiden can detect the amount of light and automatically activate or deactivate its low power operation mode, providing optimal lighting with minimal energy consumption.

Single and Dual Colour

Choice of any colour combination of amber, blue, red or white.

Fully Programmable

Customize every function wire and individual lighthead action to your liking. The Raiden Lightbar adapts to your unique needs, ensuring optimal performance.

Powerful and brilliant

Aerodynamic, robust and versatile. A new lightbar to expand the possibilities of visibility and warning in any type of vehicle.

With a height of only 40mm, this lightbar is sleek and unobtrusive, making it a perfect fit for any vehicle type. Available in a variety of lengths, from 42″ to 72″. But don’t let its slim profile fool you – this lightbar is packed with power.

Flash Patterns

With our advanced PC settings, you can easily adjust the flash patterns to fit your specific needs. And with 66 different patterns to choose from, you can rest assured that our Raiden Series will deliver the perfect lighting display for any situation.

1 Double [2Hz] 19 Triple-Triple Mid
2 Single [2Hz] 20 Quint-Triple
3 Triple [2Hz] 21 7-1 Flash
4 Quad [2Hz] 22 Quad-Single
5 Single [SAE] 23 Quint-Quint
6 Double [SAE] 24 ICAO Flash
7 Triple [SAE] 25 Random
8 Quad [SAE] 26 Steady Max
9 Quint 27 Steady 100%
10 Mega 28 Steady 75%
11 Giga 29 Steady 50%
12 Ultra [SAE] 30 Steady 25%
13 Single-Quad 31 Steady 5%
14 Single H/L 32 Steady 1%
15 Single-Triple-Quint 33 Brake (Aux.) [SAE/ECE]
16 Single-Single 34 Tail (Aux.) [SAE/ECE]
17 Double Double 35 Turn (Aux.) [SAE/ECE]
18 Triple-Triple Fast 66 Reverse (Aux.) [SAE/ECE]

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