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Sirens are used to attract interest and to present warning, particularly where an immediate response is needed. The sound has to be surely audible and identifiable in the meant signalling area, and these are regularly used to complement a visible sign. Audible signalling is mainly useful in conditions in which sight maybe a problem, like in a bright sunlight or for the visually impaired. To alert a person, it is recommended that a sounder or siren reaches at between 5 and 15 dB(A) louder than the background noise of the given area. Frequency should also be between 300 and 3000 Hz.

Which siren is best for you?



100W siren amplifier for single speaker (11Ohm) setup.
17 selectable tone group to meet various Euro country standard.
Radio Re-Broadcasting (RRB) for audio replay.
Unique MIX TONE function provides “Dual Speaker Effect” with only single speaker.