Legion FIT+ LED Lightbars

ECE-R65 Approved Class 1, Full Function Programmable Software; Traffic Director, Alleys, Take-Downs etc. Fresnel Optics. All the functions of a Legion HE Lightbar with Legion FIT LEDs. 5 Year Warranty, 12~24VDC.

Which Legion FIT+ is best for you?

Our range of Legion FIT+ lightbars include the standard Legion FIT+, Legion FIT+ with an Illuminated Centre and a Legion FIT+ with an Integrated Speaker

Legion FIT+

D-Fuser or Reflector optics for superior 360 degree light spread. Easy maintenance and lighthead replacement. Optional Takedowns and Alley Lights. Now available with NEW Auto-dimming sensor. Built-in and programmable flash patterns. Aluminium extrusion for best heat dissipation. Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern used at power up. 12~24VDC.

Legion FIT+ with Illuminated Centre

The Illuminated Centre Section allows you to place a word or words, logo, company name etc onto an opal white section on the centre of your lightbar, the section which will be illuminated is approx. 30mm high. It can be illuminated independently of the warning signal so will illuminate your characters in the dark, most installers will connect the Illuminated Centre Section wire to the side light circuit on the vehicle so that it comes on automatically with the vehicle lights.

Legion FIT+ with Integrated Speaker


What size is best for you?

Our collection of Legion HE Lightbars range from 60cm (24″) up to 154cm (60″) The lightbar size you should choose depends on your specific requirements as well as the shape and size of your vehicle.

Legion HE Lightbar, available sizes.

Legion HE LED Lightbars are available from 60cm (24”) to 214cm (84”) with the widest size range. They are 6cm (13”) wide and 33cm (2.3”) in height. This is the most streamline lightbar, available in 9 sizes. The Legion can be mounted onto any sized vehicle with various mounting options. An optional 4 to 28 modules can be used.