Directing the Path to Safety

LED Traffic Directors are used to provide warning indication for traffic showing that a lane is closed and to merge left or right. Compact and extremely bright, these lights are an effective way to keep traffic flowing when one or more lanes are blocked. Brands include Horizon, Commander, and Rayzr. The product of choice for highway maintenance services. Our Traffic Directors are designed and engineered to meet the most stringent industry requirements, with a versatile and modular design.

Which traffic director is best for you?

If you have a large vehicle such as a recovery truck, you might prefer the look and presence of the ‘COMMANDER’, it’s 10 element version is the widest (longest) at 1470mm, and it’s also the highest profile at 46mm. At the other end of the scale, the ‘Rayzer TR3’ has the slimmest height profile at only 24mm and will look great on smaller vehicles such as cards and car derived vans, the 10 element version is still a full 1103mm wide. The ‘HORIZON’ version is 32mm high and the 10 element version is 1059mm wide. Your selection will be based on  mixture of considerations, including features, size, number of heads and budget.


Premium traffic director warning stick, 6 or 12LEDs per lighthead, optional end flashers,
available in single colour with 27 warning and 11 arrow patterns or dual colour with
50 warning patterns and 16 arrow patterns, ECE R65 approval in single colour.


Economical traffic director warning stick, super low-profile with 3LEDs per light head, optional end flashers,
available in single colour with 20 warning and 11 arrow patterns, ECE R10 and SAE approval.


Traffic director warning stick suitable for larger vehicles, with large format optics,
4LEDs per lighthead, optional end flashers, available in single colour
with 11 warning and 11 arrow patterns.

What size is best for you?

The length and number of integrated heads you will choose is largely a matter of preference and application requirements, though the more heads you specify in your chosen range will result in a more recognisable and intuitive direction signal.